Onesal is a talent-driven creative studio based in Tokyo

Our team is dedicated to art direction and creative consulting,
producing a wide variety of digital content across many platforms.


3-30-2 Kitazawa, Setagaya, Japan
+81 03-6407-1935 

Our Value

Sophisticated visual taste combined with advanced simulation technologies became Onesal's signature, transporting
viewers into an ultra-delicate world. The studio has become a passionate creative playground, constantly breaking the boundaries with unique creative pieces and solutions for numerous clients across the world. 

Working along with top brands such as Amazon, Apple, Sony, Nike, and Deloitte, the studio has delivered countless creative solutions that are widely acclaimed. Major creativity festivals such as Cannes Lions, Spikes, Adfest, Siggraph, and RedDot among others have recognized the studio for its creative achievements.

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Onesal is a boutique art direction and design studio in Tokyo that specializes in animation and motion graphics. With our international team, we direct and produce pieces for clients across the world.

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